Monday, January 12, 2015

Build A Bear

Christmas money was burning a hole in their pocket so off we went to Build a Bear
 Claire making a wish to put inside Chloe the Kitty
 Emily helping fluff up Polly Panda
 So happy with their new friends

Michigan Christmas

 The Present Game that Aunt Mary put together
 Even though we stole each other presents in the game we still love each other!
 Christmas Morning - Did Santa Come?
 He did and he brought Emily a new scooter
 Claire's favorite present a Penbo

 Game Night with the whole family 
 All dressed up for church

 Lucky to have such a great family

 Fireworks to celebrate Jesus's Birthday
 It was a fun week making memories - we sure enjoyed spending time with this crew!

Christmas with the Warners

 Diggin in ...
 These girls are totally spoiled!  Our family is so good to us!

Breakfast with Santa

 Emily tried really hard to be good this year
 Claire thinking really hard what she should ask for
 Love these two - hope they get what they wished for

 Hard at work decorating a gingerbread house
 Oh no ... Lilly the Elf helped herself to some of their yummy creation


All sweet ....

 To rotten .... gotta wrestle with the cousins
Get in line if you want some food - 4 fried turkeys barely fed this crowd 
 Relaxing after our big yummy meal!

Polar Express

 Polar Express Train Ride
 All Aboard ....
Snuggled up and ready to take in the sights
 Pretty cool to see the city from a different view
 Singing Christmas Songs - Emily helped out with Jingle Bells
 And Santa hopped on board when we got to the North Pole Station

Fall Break Fun!

Hanging out at IU for the afternoon
Beautiful fall day on campus


Then it was on to Big Splash Water Park
 Heads up Emily!
 Claire enjoying the Lazy River
 We all enjoyed the water slides
 A litte go-kart action before we left
 And a stop for gem mining on our way home
 The girls loved the treasures they found